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Our school offers accelerated classes with an intensive hands-on learning experience. These classes focus on the finest woodworking techniques, taught by award-winning instructors, in a fun and friendly environment.

Diverse Class Catalog

We offer a variety of woodworking classes across many woodworking mediums. From classes focusing on fundamentals and techniques to week long project based classes.

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Shop a broad selection of our favorite tools, including all of our custom bits and jigs.

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Learn More About Our Online Classes

Our online classes provide the same rigorous education that we offer in studio but with greater flexibility. Many of our classes can be taken without any prior experience or knowledge; all that’s required is a desire to learn and explore.

Create Your Own Schedule

All class material is available to consume immediately upon registration. With lifetime access to each class, you’re free to manage your own time and study at your own pace.

Improve Your Skills

Each class is focused on improving your skills by emphasizing accuracy and efficiency. And while you are welcome to follow our plans, we encourage you to explore the limits of your creativity and add your own interpretation to each project.

Engage Your Peers

You may study and work independently, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tap the support of your classmates and instructors. Each class offers a class discussion area where students and instructors can freely exchange thoughts and provide or receive creative feedback.