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Making A Wooden Hand Plane

Making A Wooden Hand Plane

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Using a finely tuned wooden hand plane you make yourself is probably one of woodworking’s ultimate experiences. It offers a great sense of satisfaction and is a reflection of the craftsmanship. Plane making has been an honored tradition with the eastern masters, and is gaining huge popularity here in the states.

In this three day class we will look at the history of hand planes and their design. We will learn about the materials used, such as metal, wood, and glue. The main emphasis will be on sharpening, grinding, adjustment, care, and use of the tool. Each student will make their own personalized hand plane using a hock blade, and an adjustment mallet. At the end of the class you will be amazed at how well these hand planes perform. Some students say these wooden planes are just as good if not better than the expensive metal ones.



$650 (includes all materials)

$100 deposit (balance due 30 days before class)


April 13-15, 2023


9am - 5pm

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