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New Router Base For Foredom


Product Description

This is the new and improved Router Base designed by William Ng for use with the Foredom 44T hand piece. We’ve re-designed the lighting. No more fussing with the flex lighting. We’ve added a circuit bd housing 3 super bright LEDs position right under the hand piece avoiding any shadows and right above the work area. We also beef up the base and tapered it around the cutting area to help with dust removal. It also has an air attachment that helps clear dust away for better view of work. Anodized with a gorgeous red color to compliment the gold and silver. This router base is used exclusively in our inlay classes. Now you can turn your Foredom Flex shaft carving kit into a precise routing tool. If you are serious about your inlay work, this base is a must.

The Hand Piece, bit and battery are NOT included!

43 thoughts on “New Router Base For Foredom”

    1. We’re about 2 months away. The new light fixture is taking most of our time. If we get it done sooner I’ll notify you.

  1. i’m still very interested in this tool! please notify me when it is ready.

    also, can you guide me on what fordom model i need to purchase to match up with it.

    thank you.


    1. WE’re about a month away. My machinist health is not the best as he is on oxygen and waiting for a kidney. I have you on our newsletter list. Thanks.


  2. William, please notify me when you finish the router base you are making. I am at a stopping point on my project waiting for it. How often do you send out the news letter. I haven’t received one in quite awhile. Frank from Big Bear

  3. please notify me also when one is available – also when the online inlay class will be starting – thanks fred

  4. please notify me also when one is available – also when the online inlay class will be starting – thanks jim

  5. Please notify me also when one is available and when the online inlay class will start..
    Many thanks, Jim

  6. Hi, do you have an e.t.a. for when this will be back in stock? I know you said they were ‘very close’ a couple weeks ago. Any closer now? ;o)

    1. It was send out last week for anodizing. I should have it next week and we will start putting it together. We’re working on the circuit board for the LED’s now. I’ll send out a notice when it’s ready thru our email newsletter

      1. Thanks you very much for the info. I’ll have my credit card ready and waiting when I get that email! ;o)

          1. Hi Steve,
            We’re working on the lights right now. If everything goes well, I should have them available in a couple of weeks.

  7. What foredom handpiece do I need to make the flex shaft work with this router base. I know the stew Mac base requires a special one. I just want to make sure I order all the right stuff from foredom too

  8. I have your foredom router base with the old style lights
    Will you be selling replacement new lights?
    Thanks michael

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