Nakashima Inspired Chair

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    Count me in for this class.. You are just so amazing to watch plus you being a musician always have that hip humor going keeps me from getting bored.. Thanks William

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    When will this Class be available? I would like to register.

    Many thanks,

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    I took this class in person a few years ago, it was a lot of fun, and the chair turned out great. I want to build 3 more, but it’s been so long since the class that I can’t remember everything, so I’ll be first in line when this class goes on line. What a great reference. Thanks.

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    Excited about the prospect of taking your online classes. I see there are currently 3 listed. Will they all be available in February as you stated about the Nakashima inspired chair in the previous post? Also, is that when cost will be released or have I missed it somewhere on your site?


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    I look forward to this class and getting more information and the cost. Thanks.

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    Can you please give us an update as to the online course?

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      It hard for me to say exactly when the Online Nakashima Chair will be done. We’re making lots of changes to our shop to accommodate our filming schedule. We’re just about done with the remodel and will resume filming soon. I’ll keep you posted thru our newsletter. Thanks for your interest and will try to get this and many online classes out asap.

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    I wana in

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    anytime soon for the on line chair class?

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