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Meigoryoumou, Blue Steel Super Smoothing Plane


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Meigoryoumou, Blue Steel Super 70mm Smoothing Plane
This plane (Kanna) is made by third generation plane maker Master Tsunesaburo. The blade is made of No. 1 Carbon steel for cutlery in Japan. Easy sharpening and high durability for both hard and soft woods.

4 thoughts on “Meigoryoumou, Blue Steel Super Smoothing Plane”

  1. Hi William, John Warth here. I just finished my 5th Maloof inspired rocker, so thanks again for your help a few years back with this addiction.. I need to run out of family members soon! Anyway, I am going to start building a dining room table soon, and I am interested in exploring a Japanese smoothing plane. I mostly build out of hardwoods that grow here in Arizona (mesquite, Willow acacia (Cooba), Shoestring acacia (River cooba), etc.). All of these fall into a range on the Janka scale of 1600-2400, and can at times have some wild grain. I am curious as to your thoughts on the Meigoryoumou and the Miki? Pluses or minuses to both, and your favorite blade width for a smoother? Thanks, and I hope you and the family are safe and healthy in these crazy times. John

    1. Hi John,

      Miki kanna has HSS which is more durable. The Meigoryoumou has #1 Blue Steel, harder and can get a really sharp edge. Because of the hardness it will be bit more brittle than HSS. Miki with HSS can take more of a beating but the edge might not be as sharp as blue steel. I can get a really sharp edge on HSS not a problem. Hope this helps

      1. Thanks, William. Do you have the Miki in stock in the 60mm? This sounds a lot like the PMV-11 steel from Veritas, and i love those blades. John

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