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Forrest Woodworker II Saw Blade ATB 40T


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Product Description

With this one all purpose blade you can RIP & CROSSCUT 1˝ – 2˝ ROCKHARDS and SOFTWOODS resulting in a smooth as sanded surface virtually without splinters. This is our most popular blade.


• 20° Face Hook for easy feed.

• Our DOUBLE HARD and 40% STRONGER C-4 CARBIDE will give up to 300% longer life between sharpenings

• Ends blade changing (one blade does rip, combo and crosscut).

• Ends scratchy saw cuts

• Ends second-step finishing

• Ends cutting 1/16˝ oversize to allow for RESURFACING

ATB Teeth diagram• Buy and Sharpen ONE blade instead of 3: (24T Rip, 50T Combination, 80T Crosscut)

• Use 30T version if ripping mostly 2˝-3˝ Thick hardwoods

• Side wobble is held to .001˝ – with other brands .004/.010 is common!

• RAISE the blade for THICK woods. LOWER the blade for THIN woods and get perfect cuts every time.

• Specially engineered clearances on the carbide teeth can totally eliminate side scoring. The result…no planing/jointing or sanding. In many cases a glue-line cut can be obtained, depending on the accuracy of the saw machine

• Optional thin-kerf 3/32˝ width blades are available in 10˝ diameter for EASIER CUTTING with minimum power saw machines. They also remove 25% less material.

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  1. Hi,
    I am checking on an order I placed July 30 for a big daddy dust hood. The Transaction reference number is #320212110930516550. I haven’t received any email confirmation or tracking number. Thank you for your assistance.

    Jerry Goodson

    1. Hi Jerry, Your order was shipped 1/31/21 Priority mail. It should only take 3 days max. I just tracked it and it says “In transit arriving late” Sorry for the delay. Not sure why it’s taking them so long especially I paid for priority mail. Here’s the tracking #9405511899223390180874

  2. Hi William,
    I filed a case with USPS to do a tracking search for the package. They contacted me and said it never left Anaheim. They said if it didn’t show up in next couple of days it is probably lost and that I should check with you about my options.


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