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Greene & Greene Inspired Coffee Table



Pre-order the table class now, and you will get it at this great price.  Once we are done uploading all the videos for the series, you will have access to the entire project video.


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We’re still hard at work uploading videos for this online course – Once we are all done with that, you will have access to the project.

81 thoughts on “Greene & Greene Inspired Coffee Table”

    1. Just finish our remodel and will be uploading in the next week or so. That’s our main focus now. Still need to film the jigs and fixture section. Thanks for your patience.


  1. Please put me on the email list when you are ready for registration for this Coffee Table class. Regards, Doug Reynolds

      1. Greetings William,
        So glad to hear about this class. I love this table but, It never worked out with my schedule in NorCal to come down when you had this class scheduled. When we purchase the Class I’m assuming that we’ll have access to the video’s and it will be go at your own pace. Is that correct? This will be a great Christmas present request.

    1. Hi kenny,
      My goal is to have the class online before February. If you’re on my newsletter list, the price will be $175.00 with coupon. The class description will include material needed which is around 50 bd/ft of lumber.

      Machines required: Jointer, Planer, Table saw, Hollow chisel mortiser, Router, Router table, Band saw

      Tools required: Dado set, 5/16th spiral bit, Pattern bit, 1/8 round over bit, 1/16 round over bit, ¾” fingernail bit, 5/16 cove bit, 9/32 drill bit, Rabeting bit, ¼” slot cutter, Spline jig, Saddle jig,

      Hope this helps.


  2. Hi William, please put me on your list of people to notify when this course becomes available.


  3. Ah was so excited to have a go at this but then I see the tool list. On it I only have a tablesaw (which does not accept dadoes) and router table as I am just getting into wood working. Sad face. Will have to ask the wife for more tool fund and a shop!!

  4. Hi. Just wondering on what width would I need the planer and jointer to be? Maybe they are standard I don’t really know. Thank you

  5. Hi William
    My name is Ger i live in Ireland and would love to join you online
    could you please send me more info


    1. Thanks. I’m really excited and glad I invest the time and money into the studio. My stress level decreased 10 fold. The best part is I can leave things set up which makes it much easier to resume filming after teaching a class.

  6. I am very curious about this project, I am thinking of taking this but scaling it to the size of a standing desk 6′ by 3′. Does this sound like something that could be done when the class is online?

  7. Would love more info when these online classes are available! Please add me to the list! When might things start to take shape?

    1. nBill
      What kind of wood? Do you have a top source for wood that sells the necessary bundle with the 35% extra? Steven passman

      1. Hi Steve,

        The wood I use is Sapele. Greene brothers uses Honduras Mahogany which is a little hard to find and does not have the look as the old growth. I see you’re from KS, do you need wood shipped to you or do you have a source?

    1. I will be uploading this next couple of weeks and hope my technical person can put it all together by end of month.

  8. Bob L-waiting for the class to be ready–I signed up but nothing in my cart yet-I’m on the mail list so please let me know when it posts

  9. Hi William,

    I took advantage of your pre sale on the coffee table…thank you.
    I am hoping one of your online classes would be a Maloof rocking chair?


    1. Hi John,

      The Maloof rocker is 4th on the list. I’m finishing up the hand rub finish video right now and will start on the Nakashima Inpired chair after that the Maloof rocker.

    1. Hi Victor,

      I should have my drawings and cut list back by Thursday. I’ll see if I can get to you tomorrow.


  10. Mr. Ng:

    I realize that a new venture to offer online classes is hugely challenging, and while you are busy working to get the templates, and the hand rub finish (bonus project- coming soon!) completed, there are a couple of glitches on your website about which you should alert your web team –

    On episodes # 3 (Front and back aprons), and #5 (Top and Bread-board ends) the “Download” option is unavailable on your “Wistia” web browser. This capability is available on all other chapters.

    I hope the team can complete the project and the web corrections soon!


    1. Hi William

      i purchased the class but have not seen where i can view or download it. have you posted it to your site yet?

      thanks and i look forward to seeing the class!


      1. Hi Michael,

        Go to my website and on the banner you should see “My projects” click on that and you should see the class you’ve purchase. Let me know if you have any problems.

  11. Can I still take the online class? Will I be able to do the work if I have little experience?

    Need help.


    1. Hi Stephen,

      The online class is a step by step video instruction. AS long as you have basic tools you should be able to follow along and complete the project. I added a bonus chapter showing you how to make all the patterns and jigs,Anything you don’t understand you can always email me.


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