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Big Daddy Pattern Bit


Product Description

This work horse of a bit is made of Cobalt specifically for us. It is 1-1/8″ in diameter, 2″ cutting length, 1/2″ shank with a 3/8 bearing. The steep shear angle of the cutters  makes a smooth cut with the grain or against the grain. Recommend speed 13,000 rpm

22 thoughts on “Big Daddy Pattern Bit”

  1. Absolutely the very best pattern cutting bit in the world. Cutting 6/4 red oak to shape with my pattern was effortless. Almost zero burn, even on endgrain. If any woodworker had a chance to try these, they would never go back to a straight cutting pattern bit. 10/10 rating.

      1. I have acquired one of these bits from a friend, Charles Neil, who recently passed away. It needs to be sharpened…Do you sharpen this bit or can you recommend someone who can sharpen this bit?
        Thank you

        1. Hi Jeff,

          I heard the news about Charles, really sorry. He will be missed. The person I use is Badger Saw sharpening (909) 965-5170 Contact is Jerry Ritchie.

        1. Hi Erik, The bearing is press fit so you could pull the bearing off. I run it at 13000 rpm in the router table.

  2. I love this bit. It really changed the way I work. However, it is now dull, and I’d like to get it sharpened.

    Does anyone know of another place to get these sharpened? I just tried calling the number that William posted, and that is no longer Badger Saw Sharpening. I could not find any reference to them on the web. Maybe they closed up…

    I tried calling a few general places, but I was stymied by this question: can you remove the bearing? I tried to remove it for cleaning but couldn’t figure out how to get it off. Is it press-fit onto that 1/2″ shank? That’s a long way to press a bearing that tight.

    1. Hi Michael, The bearing is press fitted only the last 3/8″ is tight. We made the shaft 1/2″ and .5005 3/8 before the cutter. I’ll see who else can sharpen if Badger saw is out of business.

  3. Any luck on this? I’ve put a lot of miles on this bit and am very happy with it but it definitely needs sharpening

    1. Hey Andy,

      Sorry about that. Maybe he’s retired or out of business. You can call any blade sharpening place and they can resharpen for you or refer you to someone. I’ll make some calls this week and se who’s still in business.

  4. Call Xpert Tool & Die in Dalton GA. ( They sharpen all of Freud’s saw blades. If they don’t do it I’ll bet they can give you a lead

    1. Russ, Thanks for the info. I’ll give them a call and see what they can do for all that bought the bit.


  5. William, I just talked with Josh at Expertdie and they can sharpen the Big Daddy bit. The issue is the bearing. They don’t turn bearings and I’m pretty sure the bearing and the bit itself need to be the same diameter. They can press off the bearing and re-press it. In any case, should I send my bit to them for resharpening or should I be buying a new one – or do you now have a place you could recommend?

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Most places that sharpen router bit with bearings will tell you that it will not be exact, maybe a couple of thousands off. To me that is acceptable unless the pattern needs to be exact.

  6. I am making 3 graudation gifts which are greene and greene style chests. My normal pattern bits were chipping the mahogany where I would have to redo 1 in 4 rails or stiles. This bit cut beautifully with no tear out or chipping. I could have saved myself time, materials and money if I had it to start with.

  7. I’ve just about given up on pattern routing I never seem to avoid tear out or kickback no matter how much effort is put into grain reading. Will the big daddy solve that problem for me ie cutting with or against the grain and not getting tear out or kickback? Earlier you mentioned proper technique, I think I use proper technique, but would you please expand on your previous comment. I already have a large collection of pattern bits top bearing bottom bearing and combination I manage to get tear out or kickback on all of them and usually on the last piece of a project.

    as an aside I throughly enjoy doing the math on your two sled videos

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