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Make An Accurate Box Joint Jig, Simple & Fast

The box joint, also known as a finger joint, is probably the most popular and widely used joint for drawer construction and box making. Aesthetically it has a very nice look, and structurally it’s very strong. Here we’ll show you a method that is fast, simple, and accurate. And best of all it costs next to nothing to make.

Specific Tools Used

Mitutoyo Dial Calipers
Forrest Woodworker Flat Top Table Saw Blade

3 thoughts on “Make An Accurate Box Joint Jig, Simple & Fast

  1. thanks for your training.
    Been away from wood working for 40 years..
    thanks for taking the time to teach the techniques that make all the difference

    Trying some finger joints tonight.

  2. Are you using the Forest Flat bottom box joint set or are you using multiple Forest Woodworker II #1 grind 10 inch blades?

    1. I use the Forrest WW II #1 grind which is the same as the box joint blade. For making 3/8 box joint I use their 8″ dado set. Hope this helps.

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