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Taeho Kwon

Iʼve always had a passion for designing on interiors and architectural works. However, after two years of studying on commercial art courses at East Carolina University, I realized that my passion for interior and architectural was not on designing. It was more of a making with my own hands. After realizing what I really wanted, Iʼve decided not to continue on my education and instead I have chosen to get an actual hands on experiences on all aspects of a different field of making. It has been about 19 years since Iʼve made the decision and since then, I have never looked back or regretted for my decision.
My first 8 years of working on a field was a more of questing for what I want to make most. I have been working and learning on remodeling homes, new construction on houses, restaurants, clubs and numerous of retail stores. Although even with 8 years of experiences and learning of modern carpentry, it still put me in to a limitation of my skills on what I want it to build. Although without having any doubt of my decision Iʼve continued to search for my goal. My next 5 years or so… Iʼve focused on more of a detailed work. Including fine carpentry, architectural mill work, custom based boxes and built-ins for retail shops and even an upholstery work for simple furnitures. During these five years, I think I have achieved in obtaining of many new skills and knowledge to detailed works and designing simple objects. However, after 13 years gone by, I still havenʼt found what I want it to focus on for my life time job. Which it put me into a frustration for the next couple of years of my journey, after couple of frustrating years, I finally find a path to come out of frustration and lead to my new journey by finding Mr. William Ng. He did not only level up my skills, by experiencing his knowledge and skills to woodworking really helped me to find a final destination of my journey and which path to take next to arrive at final destination.

My next 6years after I met Mr. Ng was like freeway to my destination. I got into School of Korean Traditional Building in S. Korea and graduated and achieved the certificate of maintenance and restoration for Korean traditional buildings. I also practiced on Korean traditional furniture, Chang-ho(shoji) and worked for couple of custom based and specialty building companies.

It took me 13 years just to find out what I really want it to focus on making for rest of my life. It took me another 6 years of practice of woodworking to take a first step into my goal and dream.19 years of wandering and learning experience to start on what you want to do seems like a too much of time of waist, but I would like to see it as 19 years of solid preparation for a Fine Woodworking.

Upcoming Classes With Taeho Kwon

April 2017

Fundamentals Of Fine Woodworking With Taeho Kwon (Evening Class)


The secret to fine woodworking can be found in the pursuit of the fundamentals. With high-tech machines and power tools, these fundamentals can be overshadowed. In this class we will learn the values of design, drawings, mock-ups, sharpening, care and use of hand tools, tuning up a bench plane, layout, measuring tools, wood technology, choosing and preparing lumber, joinery (including hand cut dovetails and the mortise and tenon), safe machine and power tool operation and how to apply a hand-rubbed…

June 2017

Joinery Techniques With Taeho Kwon (Evening Class)


Good joinery is key to making fine furniture that will last for generations. Many of us are intimidated by the complexity of these joints. In this class we hope to de-mystify and simplify the joinery process. We will learn western and eastern joinery and their applications, including dovetails, half-blind dovetails, sliding dovetails, mortise-and-tenons, angled mortise-and-tenons, lap joints, bridle joints, miter joints, scarf joints, splice joints, mitered mortise-and-tenons, bird’s-beak and the Chinese three way mitered joint. You will be guided step-by-step…