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Brian Miller

Brian’s career in wood finishing started in 1975. While attending college at night, he worked during the day at a family owned paint store for about 2 1/2 years. It was there that he learned more about color theory than anywhere else. After graduating from college, Brian decided he liked the paint & wood finishing industry. Brian then worked for various paint & finish supply companies until 1981, when he decided to learn the trade side of the industry.

In 1987, Brian decided it was time to venture out on his own, mind you with no foreseeable work on the horizon. He made it a point from then on, to concentrate on wood finishing, so that he could distinguish himself as someone other than just another paint contractor.

The majority of Brian’s work today is historical restoration mainly in the Pasadena area. Some of his projects have been, a permanent exhibit at the “Huntington Library” 1990, complete restoration of “Greene & Greene’s” the Robert R. Blacker House 1995-1997, complete restoration of “Charles Greene’s” personal residence, 1998, other “Greene & Greene” residences, & numerous pieces of furniture for private collections.

Upcoming Classes With Brian Miller

April 2017

Finishing Techniques With Brian Miller


This class will give every student a thorough understanding of the finishing process. It will cover all aspects of wood finishing: Proper sanding techniques, coloring wood (dyes, stains, chemical and plant dyes), color-matching, membrane finishes (shellac, varnish, lacquer) and understanding solvents and their use in the finishing process. We will also explore hand-rubbed finishes, shading and toning, making your own custom stains and finishes and stripping/refinishing furniture and cabinetry. A discussion of modern spray equipment and their uses will also…