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How To Make A Half Blind Dovetail Jig

We have been busy making all new roubo workbenches for our school. One of the nice features of the roubo workbench are the beautiful dovetails that cap the tail vise. Wanting to get the job done, hand cutting each one wouldn’t make sense. So I created a jig which utilizes the table saw and trim router that cuts the time down to about ten minutes per joint.

Specific Tools Used

Starrett 4″ Combo Square
Forrest Woodworker II Saw Blade ATB

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Roubo Bench With William Ng

6 thoughts on “How To Make A Half Blind Dovetail Jig”

  1. Hell ya bud site looks great when will the online class be ready I’m ready to make the coffee table
    Look at you TV star now. HAHHAAHA
    Miss you guys
    Brad Buehrle

  2. HI, Wm,

    The 8 -legged table really came together nicely. Focal point of our living room now.

    Best to you,

    Kurt Walker

  3. I would love to attend your online school or take a few classes. How would one accomplish that? Love the have blind dove tail jig video btw. Please email with information. Thank you.

  4. Hi William, as you know, on the Roubo, the tail board is closer to 7′ long… do you really cut the tails on the table saw or a bandsaw?

    1. Hi Craig,
      HaHa, I cut it on the table saw. I have a high ceiling. I have a video on my instagram showing it.

  5. Hi William,
    Perhaps your could make a video for a similar jig with more slots to enable use on boards up to 16″ wide. I think you could cut multiple spacers from the same piece of planed wood so that the incremental distance is constant when making the template. I also think it would be helpful to show the jig is used on a router table (like the Keller dovetail jig).
    Keep up the great work.

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