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4 thoughts on “How to make a box joint TEST”

  1. Hi William,

    First of all, I think you are an amazing person and an amazing woodworker! I absolutely love all your videos, your demeanor, and the way you explain what you are working on. All your jigs and everything you make is perfect. I normally don’t comment on videos and nor do I generally subscribe, but you are so fantastic that I feel compelled to do so. I love your instructional videos, so please keep them coming!!

    1. Thank You for taking the time to write me. I really appreciate that. It’s people like you that making these videos are worth my efforts. Thanks again.

  2. Hi William, I’m another fan. I have read through a ton of comments on your videos and I agree with every compliment. I have three things to add: First, it seems that the name William is rather formal for your personality. I wondered why you didn’t use “Bill”, but when I said “Bill Ng” aloud, it sounded like a department, not a name. “Will Ng” sounds almost desperate. OK, I get it. Second, You shouldn’t feel too badly for those of us who have to change saw blades and set-ups as we work. We think of it as foreplay. Third, I’m in the second or third tier skill group watching your videos. I don’t have your equipment or space, but I know you could step into my shop and produce excellent work. So what I take from your videos is a clear idea of the goals. I then try to imagine what you would do in my shop with my tools (after you threw up). I am doing better work because of your videos and I thank you for your grace and illumination.

    1. HaHaHaHaHaHa!! You are a really funny guy. I should hire you to write my jokes. Thanks for taking the time to write me. I truly appreciate it and it motivates me to make more videos because all the effort I put in, is worth it knowing it helps others. Thanks again. Happy woodworking

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