How to Make a half Blind Dovetail Jig

January 9, 2016· 5 Comments 

Here's a step by step instruction to making a blind dovetail jig....


Multi Function Table Saw Jig: Flush trim and Cut small pieces safely

December 5, 2015· 19 Comments 

Here's a multi purpose Jig I use on my table saw to help support cutting small pieces and big panels safely. I also use it for flush tri...


Coloring with Iron Acetate, Filling the Grain

January 21, 2015· Leave a Comment 

I ask my good friend and professional finisher Brian Miller to shoot a video that is slightly out of the box using mix medium. There see...

Box Joint

Make Accurate Box Joints

January 11, 2015· 20 Comments 

My latest video on making box joints......


Timber Framing Class preview

December 17, 2013· Leave a Comment 

Here's a short preview of the Timber framing class taught by Taeho Kwon. ...


Band Saw Veneer

June 5, 2012· 6 Comments 

Matthew Werner demonstrates his technique for cutting bandsawn veneers....


Make Your Own Colored Wood Putty

May 30, 2012· 10 Comments 

It's not always easy to find the right color putty to match your work. Here Brian Miller shows how you can customize and make your own c...


How to Properly Chuck a Drill Bit

April 1, 2012· 6 Comments 

Here William will show an age old technique on how to properly chuck a drill bit....

5cut sled

5 Cuts To A “Perfect” Cross Cut Sled

February 28, 2012· 134 Comments 

The cross cut sled is probably the most important jig in your shop. Here,William will explain the theory and calculations to enable anyo...


A Really Fast way to Make Ebony Plugs

September 26, 2011· 7 Comments 

Do you like making Greene and Greene furniture but dread making Ebony plugs. Here William will show you a very simple, fast and consiste...


Greene and Greene Style Ebony Spline

September 25, 2011· 10 Comments 

The Exposed Ebony Spline is one of the coolest details that Greene and Greene makes. Here William will show you how he creates that usin...


Mitered Mortise & Tenon Joint with Yeung Chan

September 23, 2011· 11 Comments 

Master Woodworker Yeung Chan demonstrates Making a very common yet tricky joint, the Mitered Mortise and Tenon. ...


Make your own Colored Wax Finish

September 22, 2011· 6 Comments 

Many of us take this final finishing process for granted. You've put your heart and soul into creating your project. Take this extra ste...


Turning a Wooden Goblet with James Santhon

September 21, 2011· Leave a Comment 



Sculpted Dining Chair Class Highlights

September 20, 2011· 3 Comments 

Here are some highlights from The Sculpted Dining Chair Class. ...


Greene & Greene Inspired 8 Legged Table Class Highlights

August 30, 2011· 1 Comment 

Here are some highlights from the Greene and greene Inspired 8 legged Table Class....


Wooden Plane Making Class Highlights

July 13, 2011· 2 Comments 

Some really nice shavings coming out of the Wooden Plane Making Class. ...


Masters Work Bench Class Highlights

July 3, 2011· 4 Comments 



Ming Table Class Highlights

June 5, 2011· 1 Comment 



Simple Hand Rub Finish with Brian Miller

May 15, 2011· Leave a Comment 



Sharpening Class Highlights

April 6, 2011· 2 Comments