G&G Inspired Ford Server Table with William Ng (8/25/14 – 8/29/14)

This project is a great introduction to Greene and Greene and furniture construction. This class will cover some of the details that the Greene brothers made popular like Ebony plugs, protruding Ebony spline, cloud lifts and Bread board ends.
Construction methods such as mortise & tenon, tongue & groove, wood movement, proportion and learning how to read the grain will also be covered.

Class Details

Date:  Aug. 25 - 29, 2014 - (9am - 5pm)

Max Class Size:  12

Cost:  $725.00 + Material Fee $185.00 (Includes All Materials)

Instructor:  William Ng

Recommended Tools:  Eye Protection (Mandatory), Dust & Hearing protection, Set of Chisels, Tape measure, Combination square, Calipers, Card scraper, Marking gauge and Marking knife.

Additional Photos

Ford server 4 Ford server 3 Ford server 2 Ford Server 1