Building a Roorkhee Chair with Christopher Schwarz (3/17/14 – 3/20/14)

Learn to build one of the most comfortable, portable and influential chairs of the 20th century – the Roorkhee chair. Comprised of only 10 pieces of wood and leather webbing, this chair was used by adventurers and military offices since its invention about 1898. The chair’s simplicity directly influenced many modernist designers: Marcel Breuer’s “Wassily” chair (1925), Le Corbusier’s “Basculant” chair (1928), Wilhelm Bofinger’s “Farmer Chair” (1966) and Vico Magistretti’s “Armchair 905” (1964) all owe a tremendous debt to the Roorkhee chair.

In this class, you will build a complete Roorkhee chair, including all the wooden, metal and leather parts. You also will learn to cut, rivet and finish the leather for the chair. No previous experience in woodworking or leatherwork is required for this class.

Class Details

Date:  March 17 - 20, 2014 / 9:00am - 5:00pm

Max Class Size:  12

Cost:  Tuition $650.00 Material fee $320.00

Instructor:  Christopher Schwarz

Recommended Tools:  combination square, marking knife, cutting gauge, mechanical pencil, etc. Smoothing plane and Block plane

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